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Workshops by Nick Courmon

As a recognized poet, spoken word artist, and performer, Nick Courmon is available to be booked for various types of writing and performance workshops. These workshops can be offered both virtually and in-person.

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I've Got a Story to Tell: The Power of Your Own Narrative

In this writing workshop, we explore what makes YOU unique. We will delve into the people, things, and moments that have shaped you to become the person you are today. In this workshop, you will find, rediscover, and reaffirm the power that lies in telling your own story. 

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You Are Who You Say You Are: Battling Imposter Syndrome

In this writing workshop, we will delve into the power that you already possess within your inner-self. We will work to identify the root of any feelings of inadequacy and imposter syndrome that you may be experiencing while using poetry as a tool to define who you truly are.

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A Pen for the People: Utilizing Poetry as a Tool for Activism

Art is never JUST art. Toni Cade Bambara once stated that "the role of the artist is to make the revolution irresistible." In this writing workshop, we will get our hands dirty. The purpose of this workshop is to engage writers as we will question the status quo, raise our critical thinking, and use our art as a means to push for the changes that are necessary to make our communities and this world a better place.

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"But I Have Stage Fright"

Nervousness and "butterflies" have gotten the best of us. In this workshop, we will work to move past any stage fright and anxiety that you may experience during any speeches or performances.

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