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From Freedom Rides to Ferguson: Narratives of Nonviolence in the American Civil Rights Movement & Reimagining Blackness and Architecture

February 24, 2022

Below, you will find Nick Courmon's affiliate links to Emory University's "From Freedom Rides to Ferguson: Narratives of Nonviolence in the American Civil Rights Movement." and to the Museum of Modern Art's "Reimagining Blackness and Architecture."

"From Freedom Rides to Ferguson" is designed to outline and teach students about the evolution of non-violence from the time of the American Civil Rights Movement to present-day. This course sheds light on the often overlooked strategic planning that supported the direction of the events and is told by a voice intimately involved in the organization of movement—Dr. Bernard LaFayette, Jr. Topics include the history of the campaigns, the different coalitions and groups, philosophy and methods of nonviolent direct action, and the contemporary application of nonviolent conflict transformation. The course hosts several guest speakers, including Andrew Young, Reverend C.T. Vivian, Henry "Hank" Thomas, and Constance Curry.

"Reimagining Blackness and Architecture" is designed to outline and teach students Reimagining Blackness and Architecture explores the relationship between architecture and Blackness as an identity and a lived experience. You’ll hear directly from Black artists, architects, scholars, and writers who reimagine their surroundings and highlight the ways Black makers have changed the world. You’ll see how architects are working to transform American cities into more equitable places using everything from textiles, hip hop, and fiction to spices and spaceships. And you’ll hear from an international range of artists, who create spaces for their communities and make visible the stories of Black life in their work.

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